Apr 26th 2008


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Barb and Izzy

April 26, 2008 – Izzy and I (and Lenore) visited Barb earlier this week in the Adirondacks. Izzy and Lenore took turns sitting in her lap and getting hugged. Barb is especially attached to Izzy but she gets a kick out of Lenore, who she describes as “sweet and slurply.” This is so.

Barb told this story about meeting her husband Bill, who died in 1996. They met in 1939:

“My parents gave me a Ford with a rumble seat – three in front, two in back. One night the girls asked me if I would take them roller skating, so we went to the rink, on the county fairgrounds and they kept it open at night for kids. Bill’s wife had died a month earlier – he was 25 – and he had two children, but he didn’t tell me that for two months.
They used to block out time at the rink – they had a big organ there – singles, doubles and triples. I went out with the girls as triples, but Bill came up to me and asked me if I would skate with him, and I said, ‘but this is triples,’ so he got some strangers to skate with him. After the skating was over, we went off. Bill and I found out we were raised in the same village. He was a good looking guy, nice.  But he didn’t tell me about the two children at firsts. He asked if I was coming next week, and I said I didn’t know.
He said ‘I’m coming.’ And I knew I was. But I didn’t tell him. We were married two years later.”