May 7th 2008

Izzy, Barb

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May 7, 2008 – Barb is tiring, weaker than we have seen her before, and now, she simply wants to lie with Izzy, hold him and rest. She fell asleep this afternoon, and he lay with her for nearly an hour. It was a grueling day for Izzy – two Hospice visits and we and other Hospice officials gave a talk about Hospice and Izzy to the American Legion Post 83 in Whitehall, N.Y.
Barb tried to tell me the story of how she begged her mother for a “store-boughten” dress, as her mother made all of her clothes, and the other kids at school all had “store-boughten” clothes, and she finally got her mother to buy her a cotton dress from a store. She was not able to finish the story.