Jan 23rd 2008

Final Chapter, 2 – Comforting Izzy (see below)

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Izzy was so still for so long after Glen’s death, and seemed so worn,  that Ann went over to sit with him while she looked through the family photo album for pictures of Glen and his family. I can’t claim to know what goes on in a dog’s mind, but Izzy, the most cheerful of animals, looked stricken.
The bond between Ann and Izzy was remarkable over the past few days, deepening by the day. He locked onto her, and she prayed with him, held him, talked to him. The two were intensely focused on one another, and when he seemed to need some comfort, as she had, she provided it, as he had. Watching these two loving spirits take turns lifting one another up was profoundly moving, a testament to the interaction between dogs and humans that I will not forget.


In the last few weeks, visiting Glen, working with his family, Izzy and I were confonted with some challenging, intense situations. I can’t say enough about how effective our hospice training was, how well-prepared we were. The hospice workers are amazing, each one.