Jan 20th 2008

Hospice Journal 2/ Praying with Ann and Glen, comforting Ann

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Sunday, Ann, a deeply religious person,  prayed for Glen, and Izzy put his head down and was still, in the moment. Ann told Izzy and I stories about Glen, and the family’s history.
It was a powerful thing to see. Glen only briefly woke to see Izzy, and Izzy turned his attention to Ann and the other family members, who are staying by Glen’s side day and night. Ann and Izzy connected strongly,
and when she went into the kitchen to take a breath, Izzy followed her and the two nearly fused with one another.
Izzy reacts to need, and certainly he seems to connect to his own version of spirituality.
Ann needed him, it was a difficult day for her, and Izzy picked up instantly on that need and stayed with her for quite some time. I had the sense that his instincts took him to where he was needed, and Sunday afternoon, it was to the members of Glen’s family. I told Paula that it seemed to me that Izzy was his own social worker, making his own decisions about where best to go, what to do. I certainly did not order him to Ann’s side, and was, surprised by it, as he had always stayed near Glen. And he was working, and hard.
Afterwards, in the long car ride home, Izzy didn’t move, and when he got home, he ate, went out, and then nearly collapsed under his favorite chair. He hasn’t moved since, and that was some hours ago. He was clearly tired. Ann’s prayers with him and his tending to her were among the most poignant moments yet for me to be privileged to see. I am grateful to Glen’s family for their commitment to having these photos taken and shown, so that journeys like Glen’s can be shared, and his life and passing noted and  honored. Glen told me repeatedly how loving a family he has, and now, Izzy and I can share that.

Izzy with Ann in the kitchen. “What a gentle soul,” she said of him.