Jan 15th 2008

Izzy and Glen

Posted in Glen & Ann, Izzy

January 15, 2008 – Izzy and I visited Glenn today, and I continue to wonder at the ability of animals like Izzy to connect with humans like Glen at particular points in their lives. Izzy knows the routine now, and enters Glen’s house, waits for permission, then hops up onto the bed and lies down.He sits next to Glen and the two communicate in ways that I can’t really see, hear or participate in. Nor should I.
I see that Izzy opens Glen up, gets him talking about his dog Pal, allows him to connect with emotions that might otherwise be difficult to access. Glen smiles at the sight of Izzy, and loves to stroke and pet him. Izzy seems to love it as well. At these moments, he seems to be – is, perhaps – Glen’s talk, alert to his movements, devoted to him. Izzy is part of the household now. There is always a bowl of water for him on the floor, and family members greet him, hug him.
Izzy seems devoted to this hospice work. He is silent during the long drive to Glen’s, quiet in Glen’s house – when Glen rests or eats or takes his medication Izzy, or tells me stories of his logging days, he hops off goes into a corner of the room and is silent and still. Then he climbs gingerly back up and the two resume their powerful work together. On the way back, Izzy is silent, curled up next to me in the car. Izzy has the gift of silence, the patience to be still. This work is a mystery to me. I can’t explain it, and don’t really want to try. I am just grateful to be able to do this work with this remarkable creature. Glen had a rough day today. Izzy made it easier. Below, Izzy sat with Glen while he slept, staring out of the window. It was a beautiful, still time.