Jan 13th 2008

Izzy/Glen and a carving of Pal

Posted in Glen & Ann, Izzy

January 13, 2008 – What a gift to know Glen, and to meet his extraordinary and loving family and also to hear Glen’s stories about his logging days, his life in the Adirondacks and especially, his beloved dog Pal, who rode with Glen in his truck for 16 years. Glen was a Ford man, he says, who bought a new truck every three years. Glen is enrolled in the Washington County, N.Y., hospice program and Izzy and I are visiting him regularly. Today, Glen recounted Pal’s woodchuck catching days, his encounter with a cigarette thief who tried to break into his truck, and the dog’s battles with rats and bears.
Above, Glen shows Izzy a wood carving of Pal that he keeps in his living room. Izzy and Glen are old pals now, and Izzy hops up onto the bed next to him and the two of them just touch one another. Izzy seems to love Glen’s stories as much as I do.
Glen and his family have graciously consented to permit these pictures, to show the work dogs can do, and that hospice programs can do. I am grateful to him, and to them. He is a master storyteller. They are why hospice work is not depressing, but quite the opposite, profoundly uplifting.