Jan 21st 2008

Izzy/Glen: “Jon, was God in the room?”

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January 21, 2008 – Cold, sunny, a bit warmer.  My frostbitten fingers are telling me not go out again with the camera. I am convinced. And Annie says I am under house arrest. To the computer, surrounded by dogs.

I got a lot of quite wonderful e-mail about Izzy and Glen, shown below, and Cynthia, from a small town in Nebraska, asked me point-blank: “Jon, looking at those pictures, it seems as if God is working through Izzy, that explains it. Jon, was God in the room?”
An amazing question to be asked first thing in the morning, after only one cup of coffee. Cynthia, I will try and be honest with you. I will tell you precisely what happened. Hospice teaches me a lot of things,  mostly that I don’t know much of anything, a theme of my life recently. It’s good to know that about yourself.
I am powerfully drawn to that room with Glen, and yesterday, when Ann said a prayer for Glen, (see photo below) and I looked up and saw that Izzy had lowered his head, I was startled, I opened my mouth but didn’t know what to say. Ann radiates spirituality, and love, and when I picked up the camera lens and looked through the window, I saw that the room was so bright that I had to change my camera setting, and yet the photo was quite dark.
I attribute this to my clumsiness with the camera, yet the day before, sitting with Glen, as he struggled to tell me stories of his truck driving days, and his quite tough childhood – his parents sent him away to live with his grandparents because he had a deformation in one leg and they couldn’t afford to keep him on their farm – and Izzy turned to me, and his eyes were yellowish and bright – as if reflecting sun, but there wasn’t any, and the room seemed also suffused with light. The photos were too bright to use.
So I don’t know about these things, and I would never presume to know where God is or what he is doing, or presume to think he would come and visit with me and Izzy and Glen. God-talk often makes me nervous, and I steer from it, yet I have not had a more spiritual experience in my life than I got in that house, and in other hospice visits, and I do not know how to explain it.
I was tired, drained, and it was late afternoon and there are all sorts of good explanations for Izzy’s eyes, the light and the feeling the room. I just don’t have any.
Surely, Izzy is guided by something I do not grasp. Surely something was in that room. On the way home, I looked ahead and saw that a snow shower had swept over the hills and blocked the afternoon sun, creating precisely the same light I saw in Glen’s room. I pulled the car over and got this photo. It’s the same light. Maybe Cynthia can tell me if that was God, or if he brought me this light. I don’t know, and like Izzy’s work, I think I’ll leave it a mystery for now. I am just quite lucky to have Izzy, to know Glen and his family.