Jan 30th 2008

Message to Izzy – May God Bless you abundantly

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After Glen’s death

January 30, 2008 – Cold, windy, sunny. Ice everywhere. Taught at Granville High this morning – awesome. Will post later. Spent two hours in the woods taking photo of dead leaves. Will post later. Hired a photo assistant to help me haul stuff around and keep me from getting run over, which happens almost daily. Yay!
Going to bring Izzy to meet the hospice nurses, who get in too late usually to meet him.

Izzy and I got a beautiful message from Ann, with whom we shared the powerful experience of Glen’s  death last week. She has a radiant spirituality about her which I will always remember. If you want to forge powerful relationships with people, work in Hospice.

“I do believe animals have a loving spirit,” Ann wrote, “and they too will be  reunited with those they love on the final day.
“Izzy helped my heart heal. I have so many beautiful memories of you, Izzy and myself. The most beautiful being the day Glen died. I will hold these in my heart forever. I will be in touch with you. You, too, have a beautiful spirit. May God bless  you abundantly. Love, Peace and Joy to Izzy and you, as you continue in God’s work. Ann.”
Thanks, Ann, and bless you back. Abundantly.