Jan 26th 2008

Seeing it Through – Glen’s Funeral

Posted in Glen & Ann, Izzy

January 26, 2008 – Izzy and I went to Glen’s funeral this afternoon, and the family has requested that we continue the Hospice Journal through to the end, so I will be posting pictures of Izzy’s final work on behalf of Glen and his family, which was as touching at the funeral home as it was at the time of Glens’ life. Those will be posted later tonight.
In the meantime, I have had many requests – too many to count – to re-post a photo of Izzy moving onto Glen’s second bed, dejected, after he died. I gather the picture was replaced or taken down or is not available for some reason. In any case, I am re-posting it, also a photo of Ann that afternoon. Izzy is at her feet. He isn’t in the photo, but the picture is very powerful, taken some time before Glen’s death, and Ann, who was praying at the time, has given permission for me to use it, and I thank her and John for that. At the service, she said that Izzy lifted her like a magical cloud when she needed it, and I choked up at that.