Apr 26th 2008

Helen and Warren

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Warren, Izzy and Lenore
Warren with Lenore and Izzy tonight

April 26, 2008 – For the first time since I’ve known him, Warren said things were “not good” when I arrived at the house. I could see that was so. Helen did not quite recognize me for the first time and seemed weak, and very tired. Warren seemed exhausted.
We brought some food and will go back tomorrow and read to Helen and help Warren out. Neither dog visited with Helen, although Izzy went over to check on her, and both hung around Warren.
No more  efforts to go out into the garden are planned. Helen has flowers from her garden and pictures of the garden. Next week ends my month of working full-time for Hospice, although I will surely keep up the work.
I feel both dogs are now fully prepared for Hospice work,  Lenore as well as Izzy. She is developing some of his intuition.
I will begin writing “Rose” a book describing my life with Rose, a remarkable dog, and that also looks at the question of animals and souls.
I am grateful for Hospice, and the things it has brought the dogs and I.