Feb 7th 2008

Amazing Izzy up for an award from County caregivers

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At the County office building last week

February 7. 2008 – So news came today that Izzy has been nominated by Washington County Public Health employees for the Shining Star Award, given to a different county health employee each morning for outsanding work. This would recognize not only the Hospice work Izzy is doing, but a new tradition, his weekly visits to the County Health Department’s Ft. Edward office building to boost the morale of the hard working, largely unheralded caregivers who work there.
These visits are pure joy. Izzy, wearing his Hospice ID tag, tears through the two-story building, visiting his pals and making new friends. He is partial to women, but loves to visit Hospice Volunteer Co-ordinator Keith Mann, who keeps a bowl of water nearby for him and biscuits. Last week, Izzy lay on his back getting hugs from some of the Hospice nurses, who usually are out in the field when we come by.
It’s a boost for them, and he loves it, and it’s wonderful for me to see this loving creature giving something back to this very dedicated, hard-working and loving people.
Several of the health workers e-mailed me after Izzy’s last visit, sending pictures and thanks. One nurse thanked me for sharing this gentle soul with the county workers. “Sometimes the caregivers need a little care giving themselves.” Amen.
Somebody asked me on our last visit who I was, and I said I was Izzy’s driver. Increasingly, this is true.
Izzy will be unbearable if he’s an award winner.