Feb 17th 2008

Izzy campaigns with county health workers; Lenore assists

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February 17, 2008 – Raining, ice. – Friday, Izzy went to the Washington County Public Health facility in Ft. Edward to campaign for the “Shining Star” employee of the month award, for which he has been nominated for his weekly morale-building visits to the dedicated nurses of the county’s public health service, including Hospice. Lenore came along to help him campaign. Woe to his competitors. He took the place by storm cubicle-by-cubicle, and Lenore did pretty well herself, at one point, lying down in the hallway to take a nap.
Izzy was mobbed. There will be no living with this dog if he wins, or even if he doesn’t. He has friends – girlfriends, mostly in cubicles all over the building, and many keep biscuits and treats on hand and he remembers them, and makes sure he visits them all. He even sucked up to the bosses. One day, I will walk into a building and have a bunch of beautiful women yell “awww, how cute!” Not in this life. I had to pry him out of there. I am content driving Izzy. In fact, that should be the name of my next book, “Driving Izzy.” Lenore also made many friends and will join in the morale visits. I have to say, seeing these nurses in action is awe-inspiring. They work incredibly hard, do incredible good.

One of Izzy’s many admirers – they each get personal visits

Izzy’s nomination