Apr 30th 2008

Izzy gets some counseling

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Izzy and the Boss
Izzy and the boss, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Keith Mann,
welcoming him today.
The two are great buddies.

April 30, 2008 – So when Keith (“Sarge”) Mann of Hospice read the earlier post about Izzy he strongly suggested we stop by for some volunteer support counseling, and we went to the County Health Building in Fort Edward and Keith (Izzy is crazy about Keith) had arranged for Izzy’s many friends among the county caregivers to have biscuits in their desks, and Izzy went from desk to desk getting treats, hugs, and even a foot and back massage from Chris (below). This dog has friends.
He was surrounded by loving people, who seemed to lift him up.
It was actually a bit if shock to see how this visit transformed Izzy, who had seemed alarmingly sluggish and tired to me.
When he left, as you can see below, he was his old self and we chased sheep and went with Rose on a four-wheeler ride into the woods. We’re going back to work this afternoon.
I suppose health caregivers by nature are loving people, to be in this line of work – it isn’t for the money – and you could sure feel it today. Izzy is his old self, and he and I appreciate it. I wonder I could get an Izzy disguise?

Chris dispensing Izzy Fuel
Chris dispending Izzy fuel. His batteries are re-charged.