Aug 2nd 2008

Intervals, and life

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This photo, to me, is just like a painting.

There is no such thing as a simple photograph in hospice work. The subjects can’t be told to move or sit still, the light is never, ever good, there is medical equipment and personal information everywhere, and you can’t use any of the tools, like a flash or lightstand. You also have to be especially sensitive, keeping out of the photo any elements that shouldn’t be seen.

So you learn something every time, and grow. I am thinking differently about my hospice photos.

I am deep into the composition of photos these days, in between writing for my next book, and I am focused on the idea of intervals and variety in composing photos. I am thinking differently about the placement of objects, centering, and mixing up shapes and sizes. As recommended by Craig Albert in his book “The simple secret to better painting,” the cardinal rule of design is “never make any two intervals the same.”

Mix it up. Tilt the shot, look for different shapes and sizes, think of how the eye works when it looks at a painting or phot.

I identify with the idea of intervals, because it is more or less my idea about life. You don’t have to do what is expected, you can bring different elements into life, try things others might not encourage you to try, listen to voices inside of you that want to come out. There is joy and satisfaction in life, and sometimes you have to battle your way to it.  It is always worth it.