Aug 4th 2008

Izzy’s broken soul

Posted in Izzy


August 4, 2008 – I have always thought that Izzy is a broken soul, and so he knews another troubled or broken soul when he sees one, and a broken heart. The truth is, no matter how good life is, hearts are broken sometimes, just by life itself, and Izzy seems to know that, and to soothe those broken hearts and souls, although he cannot heal them or change their fate.

There is a sense of vulnerability in his eyes, and he always knows need when he sees need, and is drawn to it, and be knowing, helps.

I always remember Izzy the first time I saw him, running wild in a fence at a farm, covered with burrs, going around and around, in circle after circle. And Izzy, I now see, was not running, but waiting, for me, and for Helen and Warren and Marion and Jo, and for Barb and Timmy, and the other souls who have crossed his path and been touched by his spirit.