Jul 19th 2008

Marion, a tea party to remember

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July 18, 2008 – Hospice is one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and it continues to surprise me and bring me to once unimaginable places. Yesterday, Izzy and I hosted a tea party for Alzheimer’s patients, some with dementia, and I ended up deeply affected. We brought fresh flowers and chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, and Izzy and Marion fell in love with one another. I was fairly smitten myself by this warm and loving spirit, very much in evidence.
  Marion used to live on a farm, and had a border collie, and she just lights up at the sight of Izzy and keeps trying to give him a cookie, and she looks him in the eye and talks to him in the way he absolutely loves and responds too, and the two of them cuddled and talked for nearly an hour, and she took Izzy’s head in her hands and told him, “why, I just love you. You are just a wonderful creature.” 
  And Izzy stared back, and it was quite a thing to see Marion smiling and laughing and asking when Izzy could come back, and for the umpteenth time, could he have a cookie, or could I bring some for her to give him. She so wants to give him something, and I will bring some biscuits next time. It is late, and I am tired – after the tea party we went to the Washington County band concert (see below) and so I will post more about the tea party in the Hospice Journal today – Sunday. The Hospice Journal on this site will go live this week, but I will continue to post the journal entries here on the Farm Journal, but all of the Hospice Journals and photos will be collected in one place (see tab above) for people who want to see them.
  I believe strongly in the hospice idea, and I am forever humbled and in awe of the work Izzy does, and the way he connects with the soul of people, and draws them out. We will see Marion often.