Jul 30th 2008

Marion: “Izzy, have I told you…?”

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When Marion talks to Izzy, she holds his paw, and closes her eyes, and he lays completely still, for the longest time, and it is almost disconcerting to see a border collie lie like that. And the stories pour out of her like water from a pristine, sparkling spring.

  “Izzy, have I told you that we used to have a farm? And we used to have a good dog named Scout, but he was not a dog like you. I can talk to you, and I can tell you about my life, and my children. They call me often, and that may be them calling now. Can you hear the phone ringing? I can’t see all that well, Izzy, and my hearing has failed, but I am after all, 97 years old. But I see you and hear you and feel you here. What do you do when you aren’t here, Izzy? Where do you go?  Oh, my family would love you. My daughter loves you and my son would so love you, and my husband would too. And I love you.”


 Izzy and I went to Washington County Hospice offices today to do paperwork, under the supervision of Keith Mann, who is meticulous about paperwork, as he is about all things, and then we went to a nursing home in Ft. Edward and we saw Lila, who lay still in a wheelchair, staring ahead. And Izzy came up and put his head on her knee and she looked down at him, every so subtly, and then stared at him and didn’t move or speak. And after some minutes, I leaned over and asked her if she wanted us to come back, and she nodded her head up and down, ever so slightly.